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Stanley Maxwell Brice

"Living on the Edge"

"Let the Sunshine In"

"Mini Martini"

"Let's Begin"

"Burning Love"


"The Toast"

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Stanley Maxwell Brice


     A well-known American still-life artist, Stanley Maxwell Brice goes far beyond painting beautiful florals, vases and linen cloths; his works are simply mesmerizing.

     While working with famed artist Robert Lupetti, Brice developed his magnificent skill of painting reflections. Often referred to as trompe l'oeil, the effect of his paintings live up to this technique's French appellation, meaning "deception of the eye." So photographically realistic, the "illusionisms" common in Brice's works often fools the viewer into thinking that the objects or scene represented are real rather than painted. Brice's attention to detail is so accurate, that one has the impression of gazing through a magnifying glass. Being able to see the most minute particulars of the subject, the veins of a rose petal, the droplets of moisture on a leaf, the bulbous base of a silver tea pot and the reflections of a room revealed in its spout, or even the lustrous quality of silk drapes. No matter what the subject may be, its image simply caresses Brice's canvas.

     Unlike most still-life painters, every composition that Brice creates arises from his imagination. He never uses props, and when he begins a painting, he primes his canvas to achieve a smooth, glassy texture. Brice then sketches in the subject with a pencil. Whether it is a plump fruit, graceful flowers, a fluted champagne glass or a streamlined vase, the detail is already apparent. Next, the artist paints the background. Depending on his "feel" for the piece, Brice may start at the top. middle, or bottom (he has no formula by which he paints). Working with small brushes ad a wide-range of colors, the artist painstakingly covers the canvas inch by inch, compromising nothing. The result is a breathtaking, incredibly unique composition.

     In the ever-constant endeavor to widen his horizon, Brice has begun a series of works dedicated to major twentieth century artists. His composition The World of Fine Art tributes renowned seascape artist Eugene Garin. Brice has also painted tributes to artists such as James Fetherolf, William Slaughter, Alexander Dzigurski and Paul Valere. Enthusiastically received by not only the artists themselves but collectors as well, Stanley Maxwell Brice continues to push the limits of modern art. Now resides in Watsonville California



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