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Mark Geller

"In his Kingdom"


"Legacy of Freedom"


"Silver River Camp"


"Plains Winter"


"Near Squaw Creek"


"Winter Trek"


"Baby it's Color Outside"

"Rocky Mountain High"

"Another Fall"

"When the Sun Comes Out"

"Heart of Gold"

"Broken Hills"

"Snow Blush"

"Valley of the Sun"

"Rocky Mountain Cool"

"Spring Camp"

"Lupine & Wild Mustard"

"Come Morning"

"Saddle Back Camp"

"West of Town"

"Spring Buck"

"Nipomo Sunset"


"Nipomo Hills"

"Changing Patterns"

"Snow Maiden"

"Summer Side of Life"

"In a Mellow Tone"

"Fading into Darkness"


"Evening Fires




"Her World"


"Fall Traveler"


"Hidden Valley"


"Not Everyone Knows"


"Catching Up"


"Almost Night"


"Snow on the Plains"



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     From a very early age, Mark Geller was drawn to art. Among his fondest memories of his childhood are visiting art galleries with his father, who was an artist himself.


     Mark began painting professionally in the early 1970's while residing in California. In 1977, he settled in the Midwest for thirteen years, roaming the countryside and rendering some of America's most majestic panoramic scenes such as the Great Plains and the Colorado Rockies. Today this subject matter still appears in some of his paintings depicting the Native American people of these regions.


     Primarily self-taught, Mark Geller has drawn upon an array of resources to hone his artistic techniques and develop his signature style. He is a long time admirer of the Hudson River School artists such as Fredric Church and Thomas Cole. Mark has also studied in depth the works of Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran. Mark would say that walking the land and actually putting the paint on the canvas has been the greatest teacher.


     Again a California resident, Mark's subjects are his surroundings. His attention to detail is admired in his paintings of the California landscape. The atmosphere created is a magnificent window to various locations in the golden state. His work is enjoyed by collectors throughout the world. He is a member of Oil Painters of America.

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