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Lindsay Goodwin

"Belle Epoque, Paris"

"Dejeuner au Jardin, Loire Valley"

'Candlelight on Copper Chateau Bridoire"


"The Grand Dining Room Chateau Bridoire"


"Warm Glow of Copper, Chateau de Montgeoffroy"


"The Castle Feast Chateau de Breteuil"


"Grand Dining Room at Chateau de Lalande"


"Violet Undertones Chateau de Lalande"


"Glasses and Roses, Chateau de la Treyne"

"The Climbing Vines at Vieux Logis"

"Copper and Firewood, Chateau Bridoire"

"Beneath the Boughs, Le Vieux Logis"


"The China Room at Château de Castelnau-Bretenoux"


"Pewter & Silver, Manior de Gisson"


"Reflection of Chateau de la Fleunie"


"Sunlight & Golden Stripes, Chateau de Lalande"


"Dining Room of Chateau Bridoire"


"Coffered Ceiling of Chateau de la Treyne"


"Dining at Chateau des Reynats"


"The Tower Room Château des Reynats"


"Tablescape and China Cabinet, Provence"

"The Sparkle of Châteaude la Treyne"

"Breakfast in Siena, Italy"

"Boudoir at Château de Maisons Laffitte"


"Inn of the Seventh Ray"


"Salon of Chateau de la Cote"


"Table Setting at Chateau du Breuil"

"Les Délys de la Tonnelle la Barben"

"Château de la Pray"

"Dining at Chatteau de la Bourdaisiere"


"Warm Light in the Abbey"


"Dappled Light and Church Spire"


"Parapet of Castello di Amorosa"

"Mantle of La Victoria Hotel Bedford Paris"

"Monterosso al Mare, Cinqueterre"

"Mantle of Maison Lafitte"

"Brocades of Chateau Mirambeau"

"Sunset in Mexico"

"Golden Reflections at Laperouse, Paris"


"Table in the Balcony"

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Lindsay Goodwin

(American b. 1982)

     Lindsay was born in Santa Monica, California in 1982.  She seemed destined for an art career when at the age of five; she thought she invented secondary colors when she mixed her crayolas, creating orange, purple & green.  At the age of 16, she was teaching charcoal and oil painting at O’Neils Fine Arts in Malibu to children and teens.  It was at this school that she was first introduced to the paintings of John Singer Sargent, who became a big influence and inspiration.

     After graduating from High School, Lindsay had a full scholarship to the University of San Diego.  Within a few weeks of her first semester, she realized she was pursuing the wrong path.  The art department had moved her into a senior level class after reviewing her art portfolio, and yet she felt the school did not have the tools to help her improve and get to where she longed to be.  She quit to attend the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  Upon her graduation, she was selected as one of the top fine artists in her graduating class.

     Her true artistic passion began to unfold after she moved to Paris.  Experiencing the city’s decorative heritage, Goodwin’s brush soon revealed the full depth of her sensory observations and artistic translations.  Her paintings began to burst onto the art scene through widespread publication highlighting her impressive talent. 

     Lindsay returned to the United States and soon Collectors and celebrities everywhere began snapping up her work as they became available.  This caught the attention of such notable magazines as Southwest Art, who selected her as one of their featured group “21 under 31”, an annual spread which recognizes the most talented of the current young generation of fine artists.  She has been a featured Artist in both fine art and mainstream publications, such as American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur, Plein Air, American Style, Casa Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Montecito Magazine, Santa Barbara Seasons, C magazine and American Art Review numerous times.  She has had numerous sold out One Woman Shows within the United States and has also been juried into the Gold Medal show of the California Art Club.  This has been a remarkable achievement for such a young Artist. 

     Lindsay lives in California and makes a yearly pilgrimage to the historic interiors of France to build reference and studies for her latest works, which merge reality and romanticism.  She has found a niche in painting interiors, and has achieved an amazingly successful art career for one so young. 

Jones & Terwilliger Galleries proudly represent her paintings in California.


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