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Christian Jequel

"Riviere Sous le Village"

"Recolte de la Lavande"


"Marché de Village"


"Scene Pastorale"


"La Saison du Mimosa"


"Cueillette Des Olives"


"Vignes au Printemps"


"Chevriere son Troupeau"


"Chevaux au Bord la Mer"

"Cabanons en Bord de Mer"


"Tourne Sols"


"Vendanges a Chateaun eat du Pape"


"Scene de Marché"


"Le Marché des Capucins"


"Dans le Champ de Lavande"


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Christian Jequel

(b. 1935 France)

2010 – The beginnings of collaboration with the Gallery Marciano in Paris, Marseille and Baule
The beginnings of collaboration with Gallery ”Ode to Art” in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur
in Malaysia
2009 – Jequel is Guest of Honour of “Salon de Peinture de Gemenos” (France)
Jequel is Guest of Honour of “Salon International de Peinture d’Hyères “ (France)
Exhibition at “Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain” (GMAC) in Paris
2008 – Exhibition at “Galerie Mazarin” in Toulon (France)
2007 – Exhibition at “Art Shangaï” (China)
Solo exhibition at the “Galerie Lacydon” in Marseille (France)
Publication of the third book dedicated to Jequel
2006 – Solo exhibition in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).
Exhibition at “Beijing International Art” (China)
2005 – Exhibition at “Art Shangaï”(China).
2004 – Solo exhibition at the “Galerie Lacydon” in Marseille.
Solo exhibition at the “Galerie Mazarin” in Toulon.
From this date every year Christian Jequel teachs his own knife technique at the
Paint Academy of Moulin de Perrot (France)
2001 – Solo exhibition at the “Galerie de Cannes”(France)
1999 – Solo exhibition at the “Galerie Mazarin” in Toulon
Solo exhibition in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire)
1998 – Solo exhibition at the “Galerie Lacydon” in Marseille
1997 – Solo exhibition in Naple (Florida-USA)
1996 – Solo exhibition at the “Galerie Mazarin” in Toulon
Publication of the second book dedicated to Jequel
1995 – First exhibition at “Art Expo” in New-York
1994 – Solo exhibition in Carmel (California-USA)
1989-1990 – The United States discovers Jequel through the “Lutece Galleries” in Carmel,
Los Angeles and San Francisco
1989 – Publication of the first book dedicated to Jequel
1985-1989 – Jequel exhibits in Paris as well as in the main cities in France
Jequel also exhibits in the United States, Japan, Spain, etc…
Jequel is invited to participate to a number of televised programmes in one of which
he paints in live
1985 Jequel is Guest of Honour at the “Festival Européen d’Art”
1983 Jequel is invited to the “Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts” at the
Grand Palais in Paris
1979 – First solo exhibition at the “Galerie d’Art de la Place Beauvau” in Paris
1973 – The “Lacydon Gallery” in Marseille exhibits Jequel for the first time
1960-1969 – A period of study during which Jequel discovers his technique of applying paint with a
knife and develops his own methods and approaches
1960 – Date of the first Jequel’s solo exhibition at “l’Antenne” in Marseille




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