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Laurie Kersey

"Sunset Stroll"

"Summer Sun"

"Narcissus Medley"

"Spring Narcissus"


"Peony Study"


"Roses & Glass"


"Gerberas & Stock"

"Surf & Wildflowers"

"Peach Roses Study"

"Cypress Point, Point Lobos"

"Garrapata Surf"

"Sunset Surf"

"Yellow Rose Study II"

"Beach Boys"

"Yellow Rose Study III"

"Sunlit Cove"

"In the Cove"

"Bluffs at Rocky Point"

"Rose Duets"

"Tea Party"

"Orchid Arrangement"

"Shoreline at Sunset"


"Point Lobos Sun"


"Valley Meadows"


"Blue Fish Cove"

"Garrapata Coastline"

"Sunny Day Cypress Cove"

"Spring Surf, Point Lobos"


"Asilomar Surf"

"Irises & Mums"

"Afternoon Sun"

"Orange Roses"

"Rocky Cove"

"China Cove Bluff"

"Morning Light"

"Sunset on the Rocks"

"Cypress & Rocks, Pt. Lobos"

"Late Afternoon"

"Sunlit Pinnacle"

"Gladiolas II"

"A Sunny Spring Day"

"The Old Veteran"

"Roses & Satin"

"Pink Peonies"

"From the Rose Garden"


"Rio's Roses"


"Spring Camellias"


"Pink Rose Study"

"Pink Gerberas"

"Spring Blossoms"

"The Runaway

"Big Sur Surf"

"Waiting for Dinner"

"Cypress Bluff"


"Golden Coast"


"Surf & Sun"


"Sea Breeze"

"Santa Lucia Hills"


"Morning Eucalyptus"


"Sunset in the Dunes"



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Laurie Kersey

(B. L.  Kersey)


     Artist Laurie Kersey loves the dramatic coastal landscape of the Monterey Peninsula that she and her artist husband, Brian Blood, call home.  For a painter, the West Coast offers a great deal of diversity, from sandy beaches and rocky coastlines to rolling farmland and golden hills dotted with oaks.


     Currently, Kersey’s work includes the dramatic coastline and the quiet countryside of California; elegant, traditional still life’s and florals; figures in quiet moments; and horses at work and play.


     After a 15 year career in commercial art, as an Art Director and Illustrator on the East Coast, she relocated to San Francisco and studied painting at the Academy of Art University.  She has since taught painting and drawing in the Fine Art Department at the Academy, as well as conducting private workshops near her home on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula.


     Kersey has participated in gallery shows, national juried shows, and museum invitational shows, including the California Art Club’s Gold Medal Juried Exhibition, Torrey Pines Plein Air Invitational, Cowgirl Up! Museum Invitational, Sonoma Plein Air, Maui Plein Air Painting Invitational, and the Oil Painters of America’s National and Western Regional Exhibitions.


     She has been honored with awards in the OPA National Exhibition, Greenhouse Gallery Salon International, Carmel Art Festival, San Luis Obispo Plein Air Painting Festival, and Torrey Pines Plein Air Invitational.  She has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, Plein Air Magazine (now Fine Art Connoisseur), American Artist Magazine, and has been a first place winner in the Artist’s Magazine’s annual competition.  


     Jones & Terwilliger Galleries is her hometown gallery, proudly representing Laurie Kersey in Carmel-by-the-Sea and Palm Desert, California.



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