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Rosemary Miner

"Evening Gold"

"Dawn Moon"


"Bird Rock"


"Moonlit Cascade"


"Big Sur Headlands"


"Moonlit Crest"


"Afternoon Glow"


"Evening Tide"


"Winter Surf"


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Additional art is available from this artist.
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Rosemary Miner

Rosemary Miner portrays the moods and movements of the Central California seacoast with an understanding born of a lifetime of close obseration and loving portrayal. A native of Long Beach, California, she has lived with the Pacific Ocean most of her life, and has devoted over a quarter century capturing the infinite interplay of surf, sea, and light.

Her international acceptance in Europe, South America, Central America, Asia, Australia, Canada and all the United States by private and corporate collectors has firmly established her reputation as one of Carmel's foremost marine artists. Over the years many showings have been resoundingly successful in galleries of top quality from San Francisco to New York and Seattle to Los Angeles. All her work is now concentrated in the Jones & Terwilliger Galleries in Carmel-by-the-Sea.

Rosemary Miner's love of music is very closely related to her painting. Her studio is filled with surging classical rhythms, and the movement of the music complements the dynamic strength of the sea in the color, range, mood and composition of her paintings. Tranquil sunsets, moonlit surf, a few storms, mid-day serenity, gentle surf on the sharply pitched rocks, and long rolling breakers indicate emotions as varied as the nocturnes and symphonies she listens to as she brings her seas to life.

Her background and training is largely in the act of painting itself. Upon acquiring the fundamentals of painting in all media through private tutors and University of California extension courses, she settled on the oil medium and from there, developed her own unique approach to still life, ballet and landscape. After moving to Carmel more than 30 years ago, she elected to specialize in seascapes, focusing on the beautiful Monterey coastline from Pebble Beach to Carmel and Big Sur.

Quoting Rosemary Miner's favorite artist-philosopher, Robert Henri: "Art tends toward balance, order, judgment of relative values, the laws of growth, the economy of living...Art is the province of every human being."

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