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Alice Williams

"Riomaggorie, La Spezia"

"Le Paysage de Provence"

"Maison de la Campagne"

"Mon Beau Village"

"Mon Village"

"French Village

"Home Sweet Home"

"Dusk at Santorini"

"French Amaryllis"

"Bonnieux a Couche du Soliel"

"L'Anceine Route"

"Notre Terrasse"


"Village Arch"


"Lost in Thought"


"La Magie Du Soliel I"


"Italian Village"


"St. Cirq La Dordogne"


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Alice Williams


     Known for her strong color and composition, Alice Williams has been creating charming interiors, landscapes and figurative paintings for more than forty years.  Williams’ style is reminiscent of the Impressionists yet uniquely her own with a modern-day appeal.  Her paintings have a striking immediacy as she brings to the viewer her own world of cozy interiors and cottage garden scenes, many of which were painted on location right in her own home.


     Williams’ work is not only intensely personal, but rich in subject matter.  Living in Europe from 1986 to 1990 and returning frequently, she has painted extensively throughout France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Holland and England.  Her beloved Kenya and Tanzania have inspired many of her most memorable paintings.


     A prolific painter whose brushstrokes denote the bravado of a master, Williams studied with many of the best-known artists of the 20th century including Chatov, Shank, Kintsler and Al Green.  It is not surprising that she is represented in some of the finest private homes and galleries and in several corporate collections in the United States. 


     Her remarkable versatility of subject matter, her use of dynamic color, her never-ending fascination with light and the beautiful effect of chiaroscuro in her paintings are just a few of the many qualities that make Williams one of the most recognizable and sought after painters in America today. 


     Alice Williams grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and studied Fine Art at Furman University and Clemson University.  She picked up a brush for the first time as a teenager.  She, her husband Don and their two children have lived all over the United States and Europe.  When she is not in front of a canvas or conducting workshops, Williams is designing interiors that mirror the world of her paintings and creating award-winning gardens.  When they are not indulging their passion for international travel, the Williams make their home in Provence, France.



     "I am here on this earth to create. Not only create, but express the beauty I see around me. I feel responsible to render it. I cannot help it. I see the beauty. I am compelled to show it, to interpret what I see and how I see it; to express the warm light from a lamp that enthralls me, the coziness and clutter of a room with all that one person has accumulated over the years, the glint on the edge of a cup, the distortion that only age can render on a rooftop that is now that way because of centuries of wear and tear. What does it matter? It matters not to many… But somehow it matters to me.


     This is what obsesses me, what I dwell on, what excites me, what I lay awake thinking of, it’s what I find beautiful. Not the fact that something is perfect, straight; but that it endures with personality and uniqueness. Nature is much more expressive, random, unique, than anything man can construct. The lines of a horse running her heart out, the repeating and exquisite glint of the sun setting on the water, the colors of a room warmed by the glow of a lamp or a fire, how sunlight touches and enhances, the eyes of a cheetah, so steady and concentrated. And the individuality: the difference age has made, how it has created the crookedness of a European rooftop sagging with age. It interests me not the perfection man has made, but the imperfections time and age have wrought on the human touch. I am obsessed."

~ Alice Williams



     As far as education is concerned, I believe if you want to be the best you must study from the best. And I have been extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity of studying from some of the very best artists in the U.S. today.


     As a young student, I was very hungry for good art instruction. It was important to me that I strive to be the best I could possibly be. So I sought out all artists that truly inspired me. As Constantine Chatov once said to me, “It is not where you study, but who you study from; that is the most important thing”. Whomever you chose to take lessons from should really excite and impassion you.


     I also fervently believe in the concept of “paying forward”. Because of my good fortune and opportunities as an art student, I now feel obligated to give back in return. I want to pass the excellent concepts and knowledge of what I have learned to others. I cannot teach without generously giving the best I can offer.


     Alice conducts workshops, classes and exhibitions which she began in 1992.


• 1992 Nelson Shank (Portraiture) Atlanta, GA

• 1988 – 1989 Cyril Hicks (Figurative Sculpture) Paris, France

• 1984 Stanislov Rembski (Portraiture) Baltimore, MD

• 1980 - 1984 Constantine Chatov (Portraiture and Figure) Atlanta, GA

• 1982 Albert Handell (Pastel) Atlanta, GA

• 1981 Al Tiegreen (Oil) Atlanta, GA

• 1980 Spencer Johnson, AIA, (Pen and Ink Technique) Dallas, TX

• 1980 Al Brouillette, AWS (Watercolor and Glazing) Arlington, TX



• Bank South Atlanta, GA

• Palmetto Bank Greenville, SC Carolina

• First Bank Greenville, SC

• Erskine College Due West, SC

• King and Spalding Attorneys at Law Atlanta, GA

• South Carolina National Bank Lancaster, SC

• Lord Corporation Cary, NC



• Cummer Museum Jacksonville, FL



One Woman Exhibitions

• 2008, 2009, 2010 Catherine Kelleghan Gallery Atlanta, GA

• 2006, 2003 Anne Irwin Fine Art Gallery Atlanta, GA

• 2006, 2004 Lyons View Gallery Knoxville, TN

• 2009, 2007, 2005 Meghan Candler Gallery Vero Beach, FL

• 2004 Art in the Garden Show (Alice’s home and garden) Atlanta, GA

• 2001, 1999, 1997 Bennett Street Gallery Atlanta, GA

• 2006, 2003, 2000 Irene Morrah Fine Arts Greenville, SC

• 1999, 1996, 1993 Irene Morrah Fine Arts Greenville, SC

• 1992, 1989 Irene Morrah Fine Arts Greenville, SC

• 2003, 2002 Multiple Artists Exhibition, Quinlin Art Center Gainesville, GA

• 1998 Feature Artist and Speaker, Cummer Museum Jacksonville, FL

• 1994, 1995 Avery Fine Framing and Art Atlanta, GA

• 1994 Karen Carr Fine Art Jacksonville, FL

• 1993 Paintings Done While in Africa, Phillip Osborne Atlanta, GA

• 1992 The Bascom-Louise Gallery Highlands, NC

• 1992 Thomasville Cultural Center Thomasville, GA

• 1990, 1984 Lagerquist Gallery Atlanta, GA

• 1990, 1984 Art Ventures International Charlotte, NC

• 1985 Rachel McKaughan Greenville, SC


Juried Exhibitions

• 1994 Brenau National Invitational Gala Gainesville, GA

• 1993 The Atlanta City Club Atlanta, GA

• 1992 Portrait Society of Atlanta Atlanta, GA

• 1992 Havens Gallery Columbia, SC

• 1992 The Gertrude Herbert Institute of Fine Art Augusta, GA

• 1992 Portrait Society of Atlanta Gainesville, GA

• 1988 Royal Marsdon Hospital London, England

• 1984 Portrait Club, Aronson Gallery Atlanta, GA

• 1982 Atlanta Artists Club Atlanta, GA

• 1979-1980 Southwestern Watercolor Society Dallas, TX


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