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"Orchids in Ruby Glass"

12" x 12"

Tatiana Myers

Tatiana Myers

Tatiana Myers (Kravchenko) was born in Russia in 1967.

From her early childhood Tatiana was in love with beauty of big world surrounding her and tried to reflect it in her paintings, sculpture and poetry. She got involved into art shows in the middle school and at the age of 12 had her first personal exhibition of equine sculpture.

After finishing school Tatiana went to Moscow's regional University to study biology. During her college years she did a lot of botanical illustrations and worked on animals’ portraits. She also published some of her poems.

From beginning of 1999 Tatiana lives in United States, Pennsylvania. She enjoys working with horses and dogs, travels, gardening, reading, digital photography and many other activities.

Tatiana started her participation at American art shows only in October of 2009 and style of art works immediately attracted attention of public and judges. On her very first show Tatiana’s Oil Pastel “Awakening” received Award of Excellence. Soon after that more her paintings got accepted into juried exhibitions from regional and up to International level. In September of 2010 Tatiana became Juried Professional Member of Oil Pastel Society and few days later Oil Pastel “Koi Pond” was chosen to receive second place award in Professional/Signature category of annual 2010 Members' Only Online Show "Transcendence". In 2011 Tatiana’s paintings were chosen as finalists of “Blossom – II” – International Juried show and museum exhibition and “Flowers and Gardens” competition of International Artist Magazine. She also was became a Juried member of American Society of Traditional Artists, Oil Painter of America and International Guild of Realism.

Currently Tatiana’s painting represented at permanent collections of several fine art galleries of Central Pennsylvania.



International Guild of Realism, juried member.
American Society of Traditional Artists, juried member.
Oil Pastel Sociey, Signature member.
Oil Painters of America, juried member.
Central Pennsylvania Pastel Society.
Daily Painters of Pennsylvania.
Susquehanna Valley Plein Air Painters.

Formal education:

Moscow State Regional University (1984 - 1987)

Workshopes and lessons:

Larry Lombardo (2010)
Greg Biolchini (2010)
Johannes Vloothuis (2010-2012)
Richard McKinley (2011-2012)


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