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Lindsay Goodwin

One Woman Show ~ Interior Beauty

  May 14th, 2016

Carmel, CA

For early preview of all new work (CLICK HERE)

"Glass and Orchids at Chateau Colbert, France"    36" x 24" 

"Chesse & Baguettes, Paris"     22" x 13"

"Hotel de Paris, Monaco"       14" x 11"

"Late Afternoon, Biarritz"     30" x  15"

"Les Délys de la Tonnelle la Barben"     11" x 14"

"Reflections of the Chateau Montgeoffrey Kitchen"      16" x 12"

"Le Domaine Curzay"       8" x 10"

"The View of the Lighthouse, Biarritz"      9" x 12"

"The Colors of Le Meurice"       8" x 10"


"Chateau d'Artigny in the Loire"      9" x 12"

"Brocades of Chateau Mirambeau"    20" x 30"

"Table with a view Crillon le Brave"      14" x 18"

"Le Mirande"     9" x 13"

Lindsay Goodwin

 After graduating from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Lindsay went to Paris for inspiration. Experiencing the city’s decorative heritage, Goodwin’s brush soon revealed the full depth of her sensory observation and artistry. She has found her niche in painting interiors, merging reality and romanticism.

Artist Reception Saturday May 14, 2016, 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm


 Jones & Terwilliger Galleries

 Sixth Avenue between San Carlos & Dolores
Carmel, CA
RSVP Phone: (831) 626-9100 or (888) 278-0040