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Gabriel Picart


"Carmen de Merimee"

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Gabriel Picart

(Spain b. 1962)

     Gabriel Picart was born in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Barcelona in1962, where he still lives and works. As fate would have it for a soon-to-be artist, for over fifty years his family lived in the concierge's pavilion at the right of the main entrance of the world famous Park Güell. Created by the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, this park was the realization of his utopian vision. Gaudí designed the park at the beginning of the last century as a new Arcadia, a Paradise on earth.Appropriately, it would become that for Gabriel.

     Gabriel spent his childhood in the pavilion Gaudí had designed to emulate the witch's house in Brothers Grimm's fairytale Hansel and Gretel. The entire park became Gabriel's playground. It is no wonder that within an artistic milieu such as this he would soon develop an interest in art.

     Picart always had a pencil in his hand; by the time he was a teenager, his parents had rented the other pavilion on the opposite side of the main gate. This building, with its oddly shaped tower bearing on its top a double cross (later to become one of Barcelona's main cultural symbols) had been for many years Antoni Gaudí's workshop. In the very same room that Gaudí executed his designs, Picart set up his first studio. He says that he felt Gaudí's ghost hovering over his shoulder. Gabriel soon became so addicted to painting that he gave up a promising career in architecture.

     Not long after he had made the decision to become a professional artist, he had the good luck to meet the illustrator Enric Torres, famed by his Warren Magazine covers. Enric invited Gabriel to visit the studio he shared with Pepe Gonzalez, one of the world's foremost comic artists, particularly known for his comic strips of the super heroine Vampirella. Shortly thereafter, the young Gabriel became the third member of the studio. With the mentoring of these two great artists, Gabriel soon learned the secrets of drawing the human figure, as well as techniques of mixing paints, preparing a canvas, rendering, and the technical application of medium to surface. Picart's career as an illustrator blossomed; he worked on commissions throughout Europe.

     In 1985, Gabriel made his first trip to New York City. He travelled with Enric Torres and another titan of Spanish illustration, Manuel Perez Sanjulian. Picart quickly won assignments from all the major publishing houses in America and Canada, such as Reader’s Digest, Bantam Books, Dell Publishing, Harlequin, Pocket Books, Scholastic, among others, doing book covers, promotional advertising, brochures and interior illustrations, all in a representational mode with a fine art treatment. He worked as well for advertising agencies, graphic design firms and catalogue houses.

     In 1996, Picart had his first show at the Wolf Walker Gallery in Sedona, Arizona. This was quickly followed by his participation in a group show of Catalan artists at Ambassador Gallery in New York, where he was among some of the leading contemporary figurative painters working in Spain at that time. Gabriel Picart was on his way as a painter of fine art. Since then, he no longer accepts illustration commissions; he paints full time.

     Gabriel Picart considers himself a realist painter, working realistically though not photographically. While he has also become noted for his dimensional facade paintings of Barcelona and his romantic pictures of Venice, his main love is the human figure. Picart’s paintings are time consuming and therefore he does not produce a lot, which means that the number of galleries that can carry his work is limited. His paintings have attracted special attention of noteworthy critics and collectors, and they have been on display at some of the most recognized galleries in the US.

     Picart’s work has been featured worldwide in prestigious magazines. In 2004, he was the first artist from Spain ever featured in International Artist magazine. Most recently, he has got the honor to be the artist featured in the art and design section of the October-November 2013 edition of Gulf Connoisseur magazine, the premier lifestyle magazine of the Gulf region.

     In 2012, Gabriel Picart was one of the two International Master Artists specially invited by the organizers of Art Revolution Taipei in its second edition.




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