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Lindsay Goodwin



Afternoon Glow of Provence, Avignon

Stained Glass at Château Hôtel Grand Barrail...

Waiting Tables at Laduree, Paris

Baquettes and Rosé at La Bicyclette

Set for receiving Royalty, Chatsworth House

Prehistoric Elegance at Hotel de Bouilhac

Preparations for the Harvest Feast...

Hurricane Glass at la Vieux Logis

View from Crillon le Brave, France

Reflections on Glass Chateau de la Fleunie

Sunlit Corner of Chateau de la Fleunie

Table Setting in the Late Afternoon Sun...

Dark Wood and White Linen...

Glassware and Textile, Chateau de la...

Porcelain Vase, Chateau Mirambeau

Wooden Clogs in the Castle Kitchen...

Sous le Portrait, Chateau Breteui

Glow in the Corner, Chateau de la Treyne

Ek Dulan

Timbered Ceiling of the Dining Room...

Reflection of Chateau de la Fleunie

Dining at Chateau des Reynats

Table Setting at Chateau du Breuil

Table Setting in the Chapel...

The Climbing Vines at Vieux Logis

Breakfast in Siena, Italy

Boudoir at Château de Maisons Laffitte

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Warm Light in the Abbey

Parapet of Castello di Amorosa

Mantle of La Victoria Hotel Bedford Paris

Monterosso al Mare, Cinqueterre

Mantle of Maison Lafitte

Violinst at Dusk

Sunset in Mexico

Golden Reflections at Laperouse, Paris


Table in the Balcony

Blue Porcelain at Chateau de Montgeoffroy...

Reflections at Chateau de la Treyne

Bottles at La Bicyclette

Cherubs of  Le Train Bleu Paris

In the Garden, Hostellerie Crillon de Brave

Reflections on Parquet, Abbaye des Vaux...

Mantle of Chateau du Breuil, Loire Valley

Next to the Wine Hutch, Chateau de Codignat

Dining in the Chapel Chateau de Castelnau...

At the Ready, Casanova

Succulent & Glassware in the Milagro Room...

Sunset over Casanova, Carmel

Sunset View from Hotel du Palais Biarritz

Le Lavabo, Chateau de Bridoire

Belle Epoque, Paris

Copper and Kumquats, Chateau de Bridoire

Copper  Pots & Earthenware, Chateau Bridoire

Les Délys de la Tonnelle la Barben



"Afternoon Glow of Provence, Avignon"
40" x 30"
Lindsay Goodwin
Oil on Canvas

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