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André Balyon
Simon Balyon
Evgeny & Lydia Baranov

John Berry

Brian Blood

Lovemore Bonjisi

Jackie Bowker
John Paul Braman

Rizimu Chiwawa

Dmitri Danish

Marcel Demagny
Stuart Dunkel

Cathrine Edlinger-Kunze

Mark English

Ann Fleming

Mark Geller 

Marty Goldstein

Lindsay Goodwin

Georgetta Grabovschi

Dan Graziano

Michael Gumbert

Peter Gwisa
Corinne Hartley

Carolyne Hawley

Jeff Jamison


Christian Jequel

Laurie Kersey
Mostafa Keyhani
Milt Kobayashi

Andre Kohn

Michele Kortbawi-Wilk
D.Edward Kucera

Sinisha Labus

Jeff Legg

Jhenna Quinn Lewis

Joseph Lorusso

Matthew Lovein

Anna Marinova

Alfredo Navarro

Agnes Nyanhongo

Moses Nyanhongo

Mark Pettit

Pietro Piccoli

Ramon Pujol

Bette Ridgeway

Wayne Salge
Marilyn Simandle
David Smith
Michael James Smith

Gregory Stocks
Kent R. Wallis
Edward Norton Ward

Charles White









Laurie Kersey


Rose Garden

Secluded Beach

The Pinnacles

Valley Breeze

Spring Medley

Hidden Valley

Windy Garrapata

Rose Duets

Morning Shadows

Ivory & Emerald

Sunflower Study

Peonies with Blue Glass

A Sunny Spring Day

Across China Cove

Endless Narcissus

Golden Morning


In the Hills Monterey

Emerald Waters

Windswept Cypress

Winter Surf

The Locals

Seven Cables

Low Tide

Golden Meadow


Forest Denizens

Plums & Nectarines

Mixed Bouquet

Narcissus with Yellow

Bethseda Terrace, Central Park

Orchids with Sunflower

Garrapata Surf

Cantaloupe & Cherries

Spring in China Cove

Sunflower & Snapdragons

Rugged Coastline

Study for Against the Wind

Cypress & Rocks, Pt. Lobos

Moss Beach Morning

View of Cypress Cove

Catalina Coastline

Blue & Gold


Callas & Fruitt

Bethseda Fountain, Central Park

Pink Peonies

Harbor Reflections


"Windy Garrapata"

9" x 12"

Laurie Kersey
Oil on Panel

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