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"3 Melon Segments & Iris over Violet"


"Apricot arrangement surrounded in Red"


"Iris & Plums with Violet Vase"

"Cyclamen with Dried Flowers and Oranges"

"Lemons & Tangerines on Bird Cloth"

"Study of Limes & Cherries with Delphinium"

"Sunflowers with Papaya amongst Green"

"Orchid with Clementine on Blue"

"Study of Plums & Pomegranate"

"Orange Tulips study with Plums"

"Linking Through the Yellows"

"A Presentation of Lemons & Pomegranates"

"Cyclamen with Lemons over Green"

"Lemons & Streptocarpus on Red"

"Orange Flowers with Pear Study "

"Iris & Pear over Green"

"A Favored Arrangement on Red"

"Closing Arrangement of Plums & Papaya"

"Cactus on Display"

"Study of Plums & Lemon on Red"

"Plums and Melon under Stargazer Lillies"


"The Framing Symmetry of Still-Life"


"A Concentration of Orange on Blue"


"Iris & Lemons over Green"

"Peonies with Iris & Plums"

"Limes with Cherries & Cyclamen"

"3 P's & Orchid across Striped Cloth"

"Fish, Plums & A Runner from Leon M"

"Shade by the Headland, Reprised (Pt. Lobos, CA)"

"Snap Dragons, Plums & Mango over Blue"

"Outside Arrangement of Papaya on Purple Circle Cloth"

"Study of Cherries with Poppies"

"Roses & Watermelon on Red"


"Lemons, Poms & Cyclamen over Tribal Drape"


"Hydrangea, Lemons and Watermelon"


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     Angus Wilson was born and raised in Scotland and has lived in numerous cities throughout Britain. He has worked as a professional artist his entire career (26+ yrs), however his work has been varied and few would say his path to a fine art career was by a traditional route. Originally attending art college in the disciplines of photography, film, and animation, Angus then pursued a career in television and video, as well as the computer entertainment market. Angus worked as a director, producer, editor, and animator, winning international awards for his animation and entertainment products. Throughout this period of his life, traditional painting functioned as a sideline. However in 2004, with growing popularity in his work, Angus made the decision to pursue his fine art career full time. In lighter moments he jokes that his skills have regressed, from cutting edge multi-million dollar CG animation projects to "merely" pushing paint around a canvas!
However there's nothing "mere" about the artists work. It is reminiscent of many post-impressionists, such as Matisse and Cezanne, yet there's a contemporary underpinning that gives his work a powerful kick of originality justifying his ever growing success and loyal following.

     In 2007 Angus relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, he works mainly in oil and acrylic. He has and continues to be involved in numerous shows, displaying work internationally. His work is collected and held by museums, corporations and collectors worldwide.

Artist Statement

     Within my paintings I strive to create a singularly unique vision of the world. When people view my work they are struck by the bold strokes and strong use of color. Certainly my first response is to color and light, I then find ways to enhance this response.

     Matisse was quoted as stating ‘Seek the strongest color effect possible… the content is of no importance.’ Within my work I find an uncanny resonance and empathy to these remarks. For it is not the subjects I respond to, but their shapes and forms, and the emotions and drama that they produce. I’m drawn to subjects through nuance and often quite subtle lighting effects. However, this is simply a starting point for my creative process. Though initially I work quite closely with my subject, I progressively move away from the source, choosing instead to focus on the canvas itself. A painting should stand alone, and be judged and appreciated on its own merits. There’s nothing drearier than a faithful representation. By working on the canvas alone I can bring more of my vision, my emotions, and passion to the work. Thus, I become closer to my ideals.

     Within my paintings I strive to create a singularly unique vision of the world: a projection of my feelings, and imagination on the subject, providing a distinctive voice that is unlike anything else. Every painter leaves his marks on the canvas. It’s impossible to hide, whether with brush, pencil or knife, we can always see the artist’s mark and recognize the work with how they paint. This identifiability and the importance of ‘having a style’ is fundamental to me. I would feel I had failed unless my work is instantly recognizable and seen as distinctive and unique.



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