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Evgeny & Lydia Baranov

"Fragrant Buds"


"Peony Tapestry"


"Sparkling Lilypads, Study"

"Trois Blondes d'Aquitaine"

"Water Lilies after Rain"

"Cornwall in Crayola Tones"

"Lilacs in Bloom, North Holland"

"The Soul of Honfleur"

"Café Oxalis, Honfleur"

"Lively Malcesine"

"Dazzling Haze Malcesine"

"With Yellow and Blue, Warmly"

"Les Jeux de Brume et Lumière"


"Revival of a Violin"

"Arrangement in Glossy & Matte"

"Study for "Strings Attached""

"Sparkling Harbor Study"

"The New Sail"

"Memories of Spring in Holland"

"Dramatic Awakening"

"Quai de la Tournelle"

"Returning Home"

"Cornwall in Porcelain Tones"

"Restaurant 'Les Degrés de Nôtre Dame'"

"Low Tide Contrasts, Mevagissey"

"Fifty-four Deep Red Roses"


"In Peach & Blue"


"Secret Life of Peonies"


"Camden, Autumn Blaze"

"Tuscan Dream"

"Sunny Malcesine Harbor"

"Dusky Reflections, Malcesine"

"Shrimping Boats Honfleur"

"Dusky Day, Malcesine"

"Les Chats Noirs et Blancs"

"Fifty-Two Aglow"

"La Jeannette in the Sun, Honfleur"

"Voluptouous Peonies"

"Tender & Elegant"

"Bouquet of Spring"

"Glorious Return"

"August in Hoorn"

"La Bernadette"

"Harbor View with Cormorant"

"Mauve Mornings Light, Hoorn"

"Dusk Reflections, Hoorn"

"Sweet and Feminine"

"Eighth of March"

"Summer Contrasts"

"Della Salute Revisited"

"By Al Ponte Antico"

"Safe Return"

"Gondolas by Palazzo Ducale"

"La Petite Chine"

"Setting Sun, Venice"

"Lavender Roses"

"Early Summer Delight"

"Elegance in White & Purple"

"Fifty-One Colorful Roses"

"Gusto Mediterraneo"

"Forty-nine Tea Roses"

"Yellow Roses in Blue Vase"

"Triumph of Summer"

"Purples & Blues"

"Bright Afternoon"

"Paganini's Violin"

"Ristorante Al Teatro, Rain"

"Venetian Harmony"

"Sparkling Arrangement"

"Tuscan Delight"

"View of Bacino San Marco"

"Twenty Years Together"

"Athos and De Chevreuse"

"Study for "The Violin Doctor""


"Anniversary Lilies"


"Splendor of Peonies"


"Sleepy Cassone"


"Flying Colors Study"


"Morning Purity, Honfleur"


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Evgeny and Lydia V. Baranov

(b. Russia)


     Jones & Terwilliger Galleries proudly present the dynamic work of two painters, Evgeny (b. 1961) and Lydia Velichko Baranov (b. 1964).  Both were born into Muscovite families where an interest in the fine arts was not only appreciated but also actively encouraged.  They were students of the old Soviet Union's most prestigious school, Moscow Institute of Architecture.


     The institute emphasized an extremely rigorous, multi-disciplinary education, and could only be entered through a series of competitive entrance exams.  In addition to five years of drawing, four years of painting, two years of sculpting, and their architecture courses, Evgeny and Lydia received an excellent grounding in history, philosophy and mathematics.  By the time that they graduated from the six-year program in 1984 and 1987 respectively, Evgeny and Lydia not only had a practical career in architecture but an excellent grounding in the fine arts that was rooted in the old curriculum of the Imperial Academy.


     Evgeny Baranov and Lydia Velichko after graduation both worked on the restoration of historic buildings in Moscow.  As they came to know each other, they learned that they shared a deep love of the Russian painting and that both had a desire to pursue a career in the fine arts.  As part of an exchange program for young architects, Lydia won the opportunity to travel to Anchorage, Alaska, where she worked on a project to survey the historic Russian Orthodox churches in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.


     At this time the "Velvet Revolution" was occurring and communism was beginning to collapse.  Evgeny Baranov and Lydia Velichko were present enough to see that things would be better for them abroad, so the couple married and moved to Anchorage. Lydia V. Baranov did translation work while the two worked to forge a following for their paintings.  She and Evgeny began to teach art.  They developed a detailed curriculum but were disappointed to find that few students had the necessary desire to master elementary drawing principles before moving on to painting.  Gradually, the young painters began to sell their landscape work and develop a following for formal portraits and genre paintings.


     In the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, the Baranov's began to spend a great deal of time painting out-of-doors or "en plein air" as the French describe it.  They began to experiment by painting side-by-side on the same canvas in order to capture the rapidly changing conditions of light and atmosphere.  Excited by the paintings that came out of their collaboration, the Baranovs began to work on portraits and genre scenes together too.  Eventually, after eight years in Anchorage, the couple saw more opportunities in a more populated area and they moved to California, settling in Carmel.


     The Baranov’s travel each year to various locations that inspire them, to paint on location.  The historical city of Venice with its beautiful architecture intrigued them, which lead to several trips to paint the city and Carnival in Venice, Italy.   They have painted on location in Alaska, Russia, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Scotland and of course, the Monterey Peninsula. 


     From sweeping views, to intimate small corners of nature, the Baranov’s offer similar respect and attention.  They seek out the beauty of the commonplace as well as the extraordinary.  Their floral paintings are rich in color and atmosphere, always painted from life.  In their genre scenes, Evgeny and Lydia strive for penetrating depth.  They want these works to deal with relationships and with the nature of being human.  Some of these paintings can be melancholy or bittersweet because of the complex and contradictory nature of life.


     Ultimately, the art of Evgeny and Lydia V. Baranov is unique in that this pair of talented painters have lived together, worked together, and traveled together for so long that the consciousness of not one but two artists is infused in each of their works.  The artistic sensibility, creative spirit, and indomitable work ethic of two similar but unique personalities contribute to not only the collaborative paintings that they create side-by-side; but, even to the works that they do on their own. 


     The Baranov’s have won many awards and have been featured in many magazines and newspapers throughout the world.  Their paintings are prized by collectors world-wide.  Jones & Terwilliger Galleries proudly represents one of the largest collections of these beloved local Artists.


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