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John Berry

"The Sand beneath Me Shifts"


"It's not Easy just Being Human"


"She's an Arsonist in her Past Life"


"Poor Skelton Steps Out"


"Small Stakes"


"Higher Ground"


"Graveyard Whistling"

"Fasten up Your Earthly Burdens"

"Everything Now"

"Ancient Water"

"Bury Me Penniless & Nameless"

"Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead"

"Mayor of Simpleton"

"Run Me Down"

"Giant with an Appetite"

"Walking on the Milky Way"

"King for a Day"


"Window Blues"


"All those Wasted Hours"


"Empire Line"


"Floating in your Purgatory"


"Stay Don't Go"


"Age of Consent"


"First Caress"




"Blue Monday"


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John Berry



Artist Statement

     Duality is the main idea behind my work. Who are we? There is so much to each one of us. Many things that are visible. Many more that are hidden. I like to think my work represents both the seen and unseen in each of our lives, the duality of our nature. Experiences molds us. DNA shapes us. We may have scars on the surface or beneath. The paths that we have tread play into whom we may become. Imperfections, beliefs and biases all contribute. Using color, pattern, line and texture my work strives to capture what it is to be human. To live with a dual nature of spirit and body, imperfections included.

Born, Reno Nevada 1967
Lives and Works in Utah

1992 BFA Brigham Young University

2016 Honorable Mention: Borrego Springs Invitational, CA
2015 Second Place Award: Painting; Sears Invitational Show UT
2011 Purchase Award, Spring Salon. Springville Museum of Art UT
2010 Merit Award, Spring Salon. Springville Museum of Art UT
2009 Merit Award, Spring Salon. Springville Museum of Art UT
2008 Juror’s Award, from Peter Hassrick: “Zion National Park: A Century of Sanctuary”

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
2016 Duality ~ Modern West Fine Art, Salt Lake City UT
2004 Kimball Art Center, Park City UT

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2017 TOAF- Saatchi Art, Brooklyn NY
2016 10th Annual Invitational, Borrego Springs Art Institute CA
2013 Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City UT
2015 Color of the Land ~ Two Person show: Modern West Fine Art, Salt Lake City UT
2005-12 Spring Salon ~ Springville Museum of Art UT
2011-12 Scottsdale Salon of Fine Art, Legacy Gallery Scottsdale AZ
2002-13 Sears Invitational, Eccles Fine Art Center, St. George UT

Press & Publications:
Western Art & Architecture - Illuminations April/May 2017
Painters of Utah’s Canyons and Deserts, Vern Swanson & amp; Donna Poulton. 2009
A Century of Sanctuary: The Art of Zion National Park. Zion Nat. History Association 2008
Fine Art Connoisseur—April 2007
Southwest Art – August 2006
Art-Talk – April 2004

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