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Stuart Dunkel

"Best Macaroon"


"My Macaroon"




"Big Choice"


"Macaroon Dinner"


"Sprinkle Showers"

"Carrying a Kiss"

"Donut Invasion"

"Full of Beans"


"White Macaroon"


"Fry Fetcher"


"Cookie Hog"


"Cookie Climb"


"Olive Hunter"



"Tomato Fun"


"Grapefruit View"

"Lime View"

"Kiwi View"

"Smell of the Day"

"Donut Delight"

"Good Thing"

"Choice Made"


"Best Part"


"Sit Down Lunch"


"My Kiss"


"Self Portrait"




"Pickle Mania"

"Cafe Breakfast"

"Enjoying the Kiss"

"New Coat"

"Color Collector"

"Well Protected"

"Big Party"

"All Ready"

"Eating Out"

"Best Kiss"

"Taste Treat"

"Best Part"

"My Cherry"

"Sushi Raid"

"Cherry Hustler"

"Big Mess"



"Wonder Fig"

"Summer Dessert"

"Kiwi Transport"


"Big Find"

"Fig Orchard"

"Kiwi Hunt"


"Test Case"

"On Loan"


"Secret Mission"




"Saving Up"

"Mouse Adventure"

"Easter Parade"

"Cookie Taster"

"Jellyfish Admiration"

"Best Part"


"Reaching Out"

"Donette Power"

"Elephant Hunter"


"Cherry Picker"

"Pear Push"

"Mustard Best"

"Long Way"

"Found Donuts"


"Shell Game"




"I'm Blue too"

"Morning Round"

"Lady Luck"

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Stuart Dunkel



Formal Education: Boston University, Boston Museum School, and Academy of Realist Art
Seminars and private study with;
Still Life: Joel C. Jones, Danial Sprick , Helen Van Wyke, Academy of Realist Art (Seattle) , Karen Winslow, Scott Fraser, Dennis Cheaney, Tom Ouellette, Denise Mickilowski, Gayle Levee, Andrew Kusmin,
Landscape: Sergio Roffo, Joe McGurl, Donald Demers, and Robert Douglas Hunter
Figure: Museum of Fine Arts: Boston, Tom Ouellette, Karen Winslow, Charles Emerson
Drawing: Jinda Mulvey, Maggie Fitzpatrick, Robert Andros, Joan Cavanaugh

Experience and Awards

Art Renewal Center, Honorable mention in the Still life category, 2009, 2011 Finalist in the animal category
Capturing Realism 2011 Pauly Friedman Gallery, Dallas, PA, through the AnthonyWachulis Invitational
The Guild of Boston Artists: NE Representational competition,
silver medal winner The Copley Society, Members Summer Show Competition, Sizzle, First Prize winner, July 2008
The Guild of Boston Artists, New England Representational Competition, Silver Medal winner, October 2007, 2010, 2011
Copley Society of Boston, The Crisp Award, best of show, A-Z, November 2007
Westford Art Show, prize winner, Westford, MA, 2004
Gallery Demonstration and On-line Demonstration, Churchill Gallery 2006-2007
Salmagundi Club, 2005 Realist Competition, New York, NY
Guest lecturer, Wellesley college, Art and Anxiety, Wellesley, MA 2006-2007
Co-operative member Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA
Guest lecturer, Art and Management, Cambridge art association
Lunch with the Artist, Depot Square Gallery, Lexington, MA: Presentation on setting up the still-life
Board member, Cambridge art association
Lecturer, Art and Composition, Depot Square Gallery



American Art Collector, May 2007. “Coast to Coast Nationwide,” pg. 40
Provincetown Review, best of week show review 2005
Gallery Guide, November 2000. “Stuart Dunkel - Exhibition Highlights, Lyman-Eyer Gallery”
Gallery Guide, April 2000. “Realism, classical to Contemporary,” pg. 28
Boston Sunday Globe, January 16, 2000. “People and Places, First careers left behind, Central West section,” pg. 16
Northwest Daily News, January 9, 2000. “Lyric and Whimsy,” pg. C3 - C4
Gallery Guide, January 2000, “Lyric and Whimsy, Compass Rose,”
An Artists Life, 2009, Black Nautilus Publishing, Stuart Dunkel


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