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D. Edward Kucera

"The Plainsman"

"An Elder Profile"

"No Doubt"

"Born Yesterday"




"Water for One"


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D. Edward Kucera



     David Edward Kucera was born in San Jose, California in 1961.  With an artist nature that began very early, Kucera’s family was graced with his earliest works on his bedroom walls and household encyclopedia.  At the age of ten, his family moved to Nebraska, where he completed school.  It was in this quiet farming community that he found art classes to be among his favorite studies.


     In 1984, this highly creative indivdual chose to attend the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California, where he studied for one year.  Focusing on the guitar as his instrument of choice, he toured in a road band for the following year.


     He met his wife, Paulette, in Rock Springs, Wyoming in 1986.  By mutual agreement, they took turns working to support each other’s education. They married in 1988.  The following year, Ed Kucera began his formal schooling at the Colorado Institute of Art.  In June of 1991, the artist graduated with honors.


     Kucera’s attention to detail in landscape and color is a result of many hours of fieldwork and study.  His western subjects come alive with Kucera’s brillant color and sense of light.  He loves painting Indians, featuring women and children.  His models are dancers from the Ojibwa, Lakota, Blackfoot and other Great Lakes and Plain Indian Nations, who travel the powwow circuit competing in traditional and fancy dances.  Kucera documents them in full costume, working as much as possible from life as well as photograhs.  He captures the dignity, grace, and poise of his subjects and the intricate details of dress.  His realistic classicism owes much to his study of Caravaggio and to his enormous self-discipline.  The detail is tight where Ed wants the focus, and loose in the background into almost abstract.     


     Ed Kucera has participated in many invitation only shows and is highly collected throughout the United States.



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