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Wellington Nyanhongo

(Palm Desert Gallery Only)


Zimbabwe Stone Sculpture

Hand Carved Creations in Stone brief background

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"Whatever May Come"

"Reaching Higher"

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Wellington Nyanhongo

(b. 1970)

     Wellington was born into the artistic Nyanhongo family on April 30, 1970. His father, Claud Nyanhongo, is a prominent artist among the first generation Shona sculptors the pioneers of the Zimbabwe sculpture movement that began in the late 1950’s.

     Wellington first began to sculpt after learning at a young age by assisting in the duties of chiseling, sandpapering and polishing his father’s work during school holidays and on weekends. He went on to sculpt full-time after earning his degree in sales, forgoing the security of a steady job to follow his artistic passion. Wellington has established himself as a successful and acclaimed sculptor in his own right, exhibiting locally and at many venues abroad.

     What characterizes Wellington’s work is the human affinity with nature, highlighting the cultural and spiritual beliefs of the Shona people. He is a wonderful creator of life in stone, combining his creative and spontaneous prowess with exemplary technical expertise. His preferred medium is Springstone, the hardest and most challenging variety of serpentine in Zimbabwe. This is in contrast, however, to personality that more closely resembles soapstone – very agreeable, forgiving and most certainly a pleasure to be with.




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