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Corinne Hartley

"I Thought I Could"


"Putter" & "Pulling The Flag"


"Waiting His Turn"


"Heavy load"


"Lining Up"


"Water Play"


"Look , See"


"Summer Showers"


"Tippy Toes"



"The Pitch"

"Garden Scents"


"Yes I Can"

"Heavy load"


"Little Ballerina"

"Lining Up"

"The Swinger"

"Waiting his turn"

"Bunny Hill"

"Surfer Dude"

"Look, See"

Corinne Hartley

(1924 - 2020)


     Corinne Hartley (1924 - 2020), 96 years of age, passed away on August 28, 2020 surrounded by family and friends in her Seal Beach home.


     Corinne was born in Los Angeles, California on July 24, 1924.  She graduated Polytechnic High School in Long Beach, California in 1942. She was accepted into the prestigious Chouinard Art Institute and after two years of attendance, she began her fashion illustration career with May Company (1946) and then ultimately moved into her 30 years at Bullock’s Department Stores (1947-1977) as the lead children’s fashion illustrator where her ads appeared daily in the LA Times.  During this time, she still found time for her fine art, and was commissioned to paint many portraits.


     When photography replaced illustration, Corinne focused on painting in watercolor and oils and at age 71, began sculpting to bring her children to life in three dimensions.  Her artwork could be found in many galleries in the United States.  She started teaching in her early 20s and continued until she was 95. She also conducted workshops throughout the states and abroad.


     Jones and Terwilliger Galleries started representing her sculpture and paintings in 1997 and quickly became her main gallery.  Every year they hosted One Woman Shows for Corinne which were hugely successful.  For over 15 years, Corinne Hartley was one of their top selling artists.  Her impressionistic paintings of children lost in their own little worlds, playing, laughing or in the loving company of theirs mothers have always touched the hearts of everyone who sees them.  Her limited edition bronze sculptures have a universal appeal, capturing the sweet innocence of childhood.  In each piece, she leaves her touch for eternity.




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